Friday, 25 January 2013

Media Watch Special Issue on Indian Cinema

Media Watch (ISSN 0976 0911, e-ISSN 2249 8818) is an international peer reviewed mass communication and media journal publishing three issues in a year from India. It is indexed in many national and international platforms. The main thrust of the journal is to publish original methodological papers on communication research, theory, and practice for benefit of academicians and all social science, media and communication researchers by providing a trusted source for a wide range of high quality research.

The just released special issue (January 2013) on Centenary Celebrations of Indian Cinema is edited by Dr. Sony Jalrajan Raj of St. Thomas University, Florida, USA. Though being a special issue on Indian Cinema, this special issue is including a few non-film articles from a wide area of media framework due to an increase in queuing of articles for publication. However, these articles deal with some contemporary and critical issues prevailing in the media world. Eminent media professionals from diversified background have contributed papers for this issue, these are:

Michelangelo  Paganopoulos
The Changing World of Satyajit Ray: Reflections on Anthropology and History

Saayan Chattopadhyay
Mythology, Masculinity and Indian Cinema: Representation of “Angry Young Man”
in Popular Hindi Films of 1970s

Maumita Chaudhuri
Vision of Tagore through Applicability in the Spectrum of Ray and Ghosh:
Reflection of Feminine Approach in two Bengali Movies

Mira K Desai
Globalization of Bollywood: Gain of Markets or Loss of Audiences?

Van Roberts & Mark Goodman
Dirty Harry as Pornography: Revealing the Unrevealed

Santosh K. Patra, Rahul Gadekar & Pradeep Krishnatray
Users’ Gratification, Self-Schema and Facebook Behaviour: A Study of
Selective Young Facebook Users

N. V. Prasad & Shanthi Balraj
Developing Media Literacy Practice among Secondary School Students
in Malaysia: Case Studies of Video Making on Environmental Issues
Jyoti Raghavan
Narratives on Metropolitan Cities in Newspaper Supplements: A Case Study
of two Leading News Publications of India

Romesh Chaturvedi & Shruti Mehrotra
Embedded Health Messages in Entertainment-Education Television Programs

G K Sahu & Sameera Khan Rehmani
Women as a Maker of Meaning: A Study of No One Killed Jessica

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